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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC

Autologous Transplant

BMT 3-Month Evaluation

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Preparations for Discharge   BMT 3-Month Evaluation

Most BMT patients will have a series of tests done approximately 3 months after their transplant. The goal of this evaluation is to reassess the outcomes of the transplant. The workup has two purposes:

  1. To determine the status of the underlying disease (the original diagnosis)
  2. To assess any possible side effects of the treatment

The tests are necessary to rule out any possible complications. These tests can determine if there is a problem even though there may be no symptoms. You will be familiar with many of the tests.

There is often a one-year post-BMT evaluation for the same reasons listed above. Again, many of the tests will be familiar to you. Your BMT doctor or the nurses will give you more information about these evaluations as the day approaches.

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